Africa faces a $30bn wood deficit by 2030, which can not be supplied by its plantations. Komaza can scale to meet it.

We’re already the largest forestry company in Kenya, and our smallholder microforestry model isn’t the only way we’re shaking up the industry: our seedling nursery (the largest in Kenya) is leading the way in agroforestry innovation, and our new, modular saw mill is state-of-the-art.

The key to our success and growth? Our innovative tech platform, which provides real time monitoring of trees, and connects us—from seedling to sawmill—into one, integrated experience. Data-driven, flexible, scaleable.

We’re providing life-changing economic opportunities for farmers and delivering 90% cost disruption vs. traditional big plantation forestry and VC-worthy IRRs. At $2/tCO2e, we’re one of the cheapest carbon sequestration engines on the planet.

Solid provenance

All of our trees are planted on smallholder farmland. Our proprietary tech platform helps us track and account for every single one, so you can be confident in the provenance of our wood.

Sustainable Source

Today, we’re Kenya’s largest forestry company—and we’re growing fast. The more quality wood we grow, the more environmental impact we can make. You can rely on us to be a quality, sustainable source of wood. Now, and in the years to come.

Fair value

We are local. That means no extra transport costs or import taxes, and we can pass that saving on to you. Plus, you’re not buying from a faceless plantation corporation. You’re buying from local farmers, like Erastus, supporting another local business just like yours.

Our Products

Fresh from our state-of-the-art sawmill, all of our products are made with the utmost care and attention to quality. The Eucalyptus (Blue Gum) that we grow on the Kenyan Coast is among the densest in Kenya—strong and sturdy enough for any project.

1. Sawn timber

From January 22nd, we will supply the only Kiln dried lumber made in Kenya. Our new, state-of-the-art saw mill in Central Kenya was designed and built to top global standards, and we can supply structural-grade building materials in both standard and custom sizes.

2. Treated fence poles

Our treated building poles are ideal for building and roofing; we stand by their strength and quality – and we have our 12- year guarantee to prove it.


Length: 15+ feet

Diameter: 2 – 6 inch

3. Treated building poles

Our untreated Eucalyptus poles can be custom cut to meet your building needs.


Length: 15 – 19 feet

Diameter: 2 – 5 inch

4. Untreated eucalyptus poles

We also offer full fencing solutions, working with our network of verified contractors to survey land, provide wood and install your fence.

Talk to our sales team to find out more about our products and get a quote

    Where to buy our wood

    You can buy Komaza wood directly from the saw mill in Kilifi or from our retail partners:


    Paim Timber
    +254 729 563753
    Products Available: Untreated only


    Azhar Hardware
    +254 727 953592
    Products Available: Untreated only

    Diani Hardware
    +254 722 414912
    Products Available: Treated and Untreated

    Focal Point Hardware
    +254 722 335637
    Products Available: Untreated only

    Loi Enterprises
    +254 722 606965
    Products Available: Untreated only

    Ukunda Paint and Timber Hardware
    +254 722 606965
    Products Available: Treated only


    Al-Muftah Hardware
    +254 727 059214
    Products Available: Untreated only

    Hussein Muhidin
    +254 723 272616
    Products Available: Untreated only

    George Kasiata
    +254 722 951362
    Products Available: Treated & Untreated

    Kame Idd
    +254 724 459801
    Products Available: Untreated only


    Valid Elius
    +254 727 627819
    Products Available: Treated & Untreated

    Hassan Ali
    +254 743 405223
    Products Available: Treated only